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Sukin’s Guide to a Backyard BBQ

Sukin’s Guide to a Backyard BBQ

Summer is here, which means lots more time spent outside, at the pool, beach, or backyard BBQs with friends and family. But along with all the fun in the sun must also come the inevitable heat, sweat, dirt, and sunburns. We’ve got you covered with a guide to keep you looking and feeling your best this summer, so you don’t have to sweat (pun intended) the little things at that next summer BBQ.

Lather up on your SPF! Days spent outside in the sun call for sunscreen reapplication every couple of hours. If you’re in and out of the pool, make sure to reapply even more frequently. Our non-greasy SPF 30 Sheer Touch Face Sunscreen is sheer enough that it won’t feel heavy on the skin, even with multiple layers.

Sunny days got you overheating? Give our Hydrating Mist Toner a try. One spritz and you’ll immediately feel cool and refreshed. Pro-tip: store it in the refrigerator for maximum cooling capabilities!

If you’re doing the grilling, don’t forget to wash your hands throughout the day. Eaters also note: make sure your hands are clean before you start on that veggie burger!

Regularly washing hands can dry them out, so make sure you’re following up with moisturization. Plus, too much sun exposure can also contribute to dry skin. Our Lime and Coconut Hand and Nail Cream is not only hydrating for your hands and cuticles, but refreshing for your senses, too.

Finally, after a hot day spent outside grilling, detoxify the skin from smoke reside and remove oil and sweat with our Super Greens Detoxifying scrub.