About Us



▶ We teach farmers on how to preserve the limited resources by using sustainable agricultural techniques including compost making and water harvesting.

▶ Promotion of environmentally friendly trees such as Cederella odrata, Markamia Lutea, Acrocarpus and fruit trees like avocados, mango, guava, jackfruits and citrus among farmers but also schools.

▶ Facilitating training on construction and benefits of wood saving saving stoves.

▶ Teaching farmers on establishing and strengthening loan and saving groups.

▶ Teaching farmers on alternative crops and entrepreneurship activities such as soap making, batik making and drying of fruits.

▶ Collaboration with local government institutions to improve the legal framework and working conditions of farmers.



▶ Training farmers in methods for better production, organic farming of various crops and supply of agricultural inputs.

▶ Process and market members’ produce and obtain organic certification for all targeted crops

▶ Promote (agri- business) income generating activities

▶ Strengthen MAYAWA’s institutional capacity and sustainability of MAYAWA including seeking for other donors and increase members’ contributions.

▶ Promote SILC(Self Internal Lending Communities) and SACCOS formation among MAYAWA members

▶ Incorporate gender, HIV/AIDS and environmental aspects in all MAYAWA activities.


Development objective

MAYAWA is to improve the cash income, food security and sustainable environmental solutions for the rural households in Kagera region.

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