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MAYAWA is a member-based organization of farmers in Bukoba district, in Kagera region, founded in 1997 by farmers of Bukoba urban and rural districts, Muleba and Missenyi district. MAYAWA was registered in Tanzania under the Societies Ordinance Cap 1954 and was provided a certificate No SO. 9236. November 1997. MAYAWA has a valid constitution.

The organization has benefited financially and technically from a couple of donors or development partners, among others including CORDAID and SCCVI AGROFORESTRY.

MAYAWA has combined the past business oriented activities (trading and curing of vanilla) and social development activities in the form of training in agricultural techniques, group formation and the like. To achieve major stability and sustainability, in 2009 MAYAWA has formed a new organizational structure. Its Registered Office is at Gervase Ishengoma Memorial building (owned by MAYAWA) in Bukoba municipality; Post Office Box 1753; Bukoba; Kagera. MAYAWA farmers receive extension services from MRC (MAYAWA RESOURCE CENTRE) department and MAVICO (MAYAWA VICTORIA COMPANY) collects green vanilla and chili, adds value and market cured vanilla and dried chili thus increasing profit to its farmers.



MAYAWA is owned by members in groups. The group member has access to an integrated package of services including technical training, follow-up on its activities and marketing support for group produce. To date, the membership of MAYAWA stands at 4,948 members (3,171 males and 1,777 females) organized in 231 farmer groups. The main beneficiaries are the farm families in the seven MAYAWA zones namely: Bukoba, Kiziba, Katerero, Kasharu, Kyaka, Rubale and Muleba.

The organizational structure of MAYAWA includes the Annual General Meeting; the Board of Trustees, Board of Directors; the Management Team and workers and the Zonal Committees formed by group members. The General Meeting of members is the decision making organ. The Board comprised of elected representatives from different zones, approves the development program and makes the strategic policy decisions. The Management Team executes the policy decisions of the Board and coordinates the production, extension, financial and commercial activities of the farmers’ service center and reports to the Board. To date, MAYAWA organasation has a total of 30 permanent workers (22 males and 8 females) assisted by 1 Government worker from the Bukoba District Agricultural extension Office.


Development objective

MAYAWA is to improve the cash income, food security and sustainable environmental solutions for the rural households in Kagera region.

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